mega888 · May 29, 2021

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A ladies just worldwide online poker competition will occur on the site March 27, 2021,

to observe Women’s History Month mega888

Get familiar with the Game of Life by Learning Poker

one-on-one poker exercises with poker geniuses from Jonathan Little and the lead trainer of WCP Alex Fitzgerald.

will play the competition with bounties on their heads.

WCP is dispatching a poker 101 online course on its YouTube channel to help plan contender to take an interest in the competition, which will be transferred on YouTube.

“Poker Powher is focused on assisting ladies with stacking their abilities through educating and rehearsing the round of poker. This competition will bring driving female poker experts and instructors to the table to motivate ladies wherever to play this game-changing game.”

Erin Lydon, Managing Director and General Manager, Poker Powher

Established in 2020, Poker Powher looks to instruct ladies on the most proficient method to succeed expertly by training them abilities needed to succeed at the poker table, like methodology,

Ladies are 49% of the worldwide labor force, yet hold only 7% of CEO occupations,

World College Poker, which sorts out allowed to-play poker competitions for understudies on the web,

“World College Poker is excited to work with Poker Powher to grow their scope worldwide with the forthcoming competition to pay tribute to Women’s History Month.

Together, we can flip the table on this male-ruled game and motivate devoted female players to leave their imprint.”

PokerStars facilitated various exercises for its female local area McAdam Willets kept,

laying out the dispatch of the ‘Our Voice’ drive to permit ladies to give criticism on their experience.

Rebecca McAdam Willetts, Associate Director, Consumer Engagement and Public Relations, PokerStars